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Spring into Shakespeare

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LBC English Literature students are rapidly becoming fans of the Wednesday matinee! Our understanding of Shakespearean romance and comedy has really been enhanced by our two recent trips. In February, we enjoyed “Much Ado about Nothing” at the Haymarket Theatre and, in the following month, we braved a gale to cross London (courtesy of the Northern Line) to indulge in our A/S set text, “Twelfth Night” starring Tamsin Grieg as the unfortunate Malvolio. Clad in modern dress, with a canary yellow leotard above her cross-hatched yellow stockings, she was exhilarating-as, indeed, was the entire production.”Much Ado” was equally engaging, with its sophisticated drawing room setting and badinage between the mature lovers,Beatrice and Benedick, contrasting so brilliantly with the superficiality of Hero and Claudio, much less mature and much, much less sincere. We all agreed, on the Northern line home, that we were truly lucky to live in London,where it’s no ado at all to see such excellent productions so often. We also agreed that, whatever the weather, there will be lots “more cakes” in the form of Wednesday matinees at A2 level!

London Brookes College

London Brookes College

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