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London Brookes College understands what 13+ means to students and their parents. It is an extremely important and often stressful time for both students and parents. Our 13+ tuition focuses on exam techniques, past papers, time management and taking the stress out of the process. Our 13+ tutors meet the student at their ability and build them up to a comfort level with 13+ questions that demystifies the exam and as a result take the stress out of the exam. Our 13+ tutors are very experienced in exam success techniques, which is evident in our 13+ tuition style. We focus on practising a lot of past 13+ questions and explain concepts where the student is struggling as they work through and become more and more strong in the topics.

Whether you are doing a specific Independent Schools set and marked 13+ Entrance Exams or the 13+ Common Entrance examination, our 13+ tutors are here to ensure you achieve success. 13+ is strongly supported by many of the top prep and independent senior schools in the UK. Its rigorous syllabuses and breadth of subjects provide a strong academic focus for pupils in Years 7 and 8 and is an excellent preparation for GCSEs

Success in 13+ tests is most likely where students are well prepared, both academically and in terms of their exam technique.

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The 13+ examination covers eight core subjects: Maths, English and Science (at a higher level) alongside modern foreign languages, classics, history, geography and religious education. Just as a school may allow a candidate to drop one of these, so might the candidate. The exams are taken in year 8 in either November or, more usually, the first week of June prior to entry. Book your 13+ tuition at London Brookes College now.

Small Group 13+ tuition London

You will love being taught by the same experienced subject specialist throughout your whole course. – You will benefit from class sizes of no more than 8.

One to One 13+ Tuition Centre London

Students benefit from lots of individual, confidence building attention from an experienced 13+ Tutor. Students will be taught lessons tailored especially for them and working at their own pace in a peaceful environment. Students benefit from clarification of points that they never felt brave enough to ask about in class.

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