Torchbearers for Education Team

There was a wonderful sense of community in NW4 on Wednesday, July 25th and London Brookes College was happy to be at the heart of it all. As the Olympic torch and procession moved along The Burroughs, members of Team LBC were on hand with water and chocolates to sustain hot and weary spectators, several of whom were glad to occupy one of the seats in the grounds of our flag adorned college. Fortunately for all, this gave them a great vantage point from which to watch the procession and everyone enjoyed it, especially Team LBC.

To us, it was just another opportunity to show that we delight in providing people with what they need, whether it is water on a hot day or education all year round. We don’t often have the chance to give water to an Olympic audience, but throughout the year, we have the opportunity to help people academically, providing full time education to GCSE and A Level students as well as giving a
wide range of tuition after school and at weekends Not only do we offer teaching and tuition, we also act as an examination centre for private candidates. In all, academically, we may be just what you need, exactly like water on a hot Hendon day. So, although we’re not quite Olympic torchbearers, we do our utmost to ignite the flame of learning, and to keep it burning-just like that Olympic

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