Exam Results & Destination Schools

All of our A-Level students last year achieved grades high enough to successfully secure places at universities of their choice. They are now studying at some of the top UK universities including Cambridge University and Imperial College. They have chosen a wide range of degree courses of their choice such as Law, Economics, Engineering, Biomedicine, Pharmacy, and Psychology to name but a few.

Summary of Achievements by some of our top students:

  • Henry Phillips scored an A* in Further Mathematics and will go on to study Chemical Engineering at UCL.
  • Mojgan Debash has scored Mathematics (A) Further Mathematics (A) and Persian (B) and will go on to study Mathematics at Queen Mary College London
  • Sherlock Yang has scored an A in Further Mathematics and secured an unconditional offer to study Mathematics at Kings College London
  • Zoe Georgallis has secured an unconditional offer to study Medicine at the University of Manchester.
  • Bhumika Hirani has scored Mathematics (A) Further Mathematics AS (A) and Chemistry (B) and will go on to study Biomedicine at the University of Leicester on an unconditional offer
  • Eziafa Ejikeme has scored Mathematics (A), Further Mathematics (A*), and Chemistry (A) and will go on to Loughborough University to study Chemical Engineering
  • Alex Du achieved A in Further Maths and secured a place at the London School of Economics (LSE)
  • Miherdesh Pande achieved A* in Further Maths and secured a place at the University of Cambridge
  • Sumaiya Rahman achieved 3 A*s as part of the Intensive A level programme
  • Henry Philips achieved an A* in Further Maths and secured a place at Imperial College London
  • Rihan Dewan achieved an A in Further Maths AS and secured a place at the University of Warwick
  • Sarim Jafri achieved an A in Further Maths AS and secured a place at the University of Cambridge



“Spectacular college with teachers who care not just about students academic progress, but also about how well students deal with stress and how to revise effectively. I’m in one to one as well as class tuition, but in both scenarios, students are treated like people, rather than numbers/letters on a results sheet. Highly recommend this college”

Sam Kutten (Student)


“The School’s teachers are very kind and nice and they offer great teaching as they are very informative. The feedback given is very useful and enables me to strive to achieve the best I can.”

Bij Ril (student)


At London Brookes College, ‘U’ can UCAS with confidence 

One of the main target that we set ourselves as a College is to ensure all our students are able to succeed to the next stage of their educational journey. We strongly believe that all our students should get a place in University. We work very hard during the first term to ensure that the UCAS application process is completed by each of our student, at a very high standard. The VP Sandra Poulton leads from the front in this life building stage of our sixth formers educational journey. Mrs Poulton and her highly skilled staff that include form tutors and personal tutors at the College instil in their students, the importance of their UCAS application from the beginning. The team has created a very structured process, which allows such high success rates:

100% students go to University out of which 81% achieve a place at their first choice University including Oxbridge.


How we do it? 

Our students are encouraged to ensure they follow these steps:


Step 1 Research:

  • Read University websites
  • Go to open days
  • Talk with LBC Alumni already at Universities
  • Understand the Skills and qualities being sought by the institution
  • Make lists of the Universities that are of interest


Step 2 Preparation

  • know why a particular University or Subject interests you
  • How does the course link to future career aspirations
  • Outline hobbies and interests that complement the choice
  • Demonstrate what makes you a great candidate


Step 3 Knowledge of the UCAS process and Technical details

  • Familiarise yourself with the requirements
  • Deadlines
  • Word limits
  • Software


Step 4 Personal Statement – How to write an outstanding piece

  • Introduction
  • Structure
  • Conclusion
  • Grammar
  • Spelling
  • Feedback
  • Redraft

With many years of experience with the UCAS application process, Mrs Poulton, provides each of our A-level students with the invaluable advice and skills they need to write the personal statement that will help them to secure the places they hope to be offered. 

London Brookes College has long been proud of its relationship with Goldsmiths University. This relationship takes centre stage when it comes to UCAS applications. Every year, we are delighted to welcome a senior member from the university, to give an inspirational talk on UCAS applications. 

Goldsmith University’s words of wisdom, coming right at the start of the application process for undergraduate study, provides London Brookes College students with a real insight into what admissions officers are seeking in a UCAS personal statement. After giving some very useful practical tips on what (and what not) to write, the speaker always provides invaluable guidance on applying for student loans and on finding accommodation.

London BrookesCollege students always show that they have already done extensive research into future study by the quality of their very well-informed questions. As always, generous with their time, our visitors are more than happy to stay behind after the talk to answer questions, ranging from the advantages of part-time work whilst studying to what is really meant by an unconditional offer! 

Perhaps the real proof of the valuable contribution that our UCAS team makes to our students is the fact that every one of our applicants, five months later holds a range of conditional offers.

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