Pastoral Care

The system of pastoral care and student support at London Brookes College is very comprehensive. Our small size allows the College to truly offer individual support to any student who may need additional help or guidance regarding their learning, including advice and strategies for organisation, time management, study skills, and exam nerves. 

The Vice-Principal and Principal are always available to speak with parents, and liaise with teachers and specialists, but most importantly senior management advocates an open door policy that allows student drop-ins throughout the week. 

Study skills are supported by both the Personal Tutor and individual subject teachers, who can offer specialised subject help for improving study techniques. Students receive extra help to develop their exam technique, plan revision, and support their overall wellbeing at the College.

The needs of students with SEN are met through the provision of differentiated teaching, evaluation of interventions throughout the year, and formal exam access arrangements (where appropriate). 

Teachers and support staff get to know individual pupils; to draw out their passions and interests, in order to ensure their time at the college is rewarding and they are meeting personal and educational goals. The wellbeing and safety of all our students is paramount. By getting to know each pupil as an individual, and respecting them for their unique qualities our staff is able to understand their needs and ensure that our students are happy and safe.

Students are assigned personal tutors and have a wide choice of professionals to approach if needed. It is very important students feel secure, happy and settled on their course and the College promotes and maintains high standards of individual attention and pastoral care to enable every student to reach their full potential.

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