Eureka moments guaranteed with LBC’s Science Department

LBC’s new Head of Science and chief Biologist, Dr Harvey, gives a run down on some of the scientific activities this term.

It has been another action packed term of scientific excellence across all subjects. From GCSE up to A2, London Brookes College students have been steadily progressing across Biology, Chemistry and physics. We continue to make good use of the lab facilities we have at London Brookes College. We have hosted speakers in the lab as a large space for people to be able to see and hear the visitor. We have also widened our range of practicals including inflating a pluck – that is the heart, lungs, trachea, liver, etc all still connected that allowed us to demonstrate the relationship of all the organs together as well as inflate the lungs. We also dissected hearts – in pairs of students. Looking for the heart strings to tug. In chemistry, we have demonstrated distillation of haloalkanes and hope to increase the amount of equipment we have to make this a student practical next year. The reaction this year was very positive! For physics, we have led a trip to another college to view radioactive sources and investigate the nature of radiation. We did ask the nearby universities but they no longer use radioactive sources or have risk assessments that do not allow visitors to use them.

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