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London Brookes College understands what 11+ means to students and their parents. It is an extremely important and often stressful time for both students and parents. Our 11+ tuition focuses on exam techniques, past papers, time management and taking the stress out of the process. Our 11+ tutors meet the student at their ability and build them up to a comfort level with 11+ questions that demystifies the exam and as a result takes the stress out of the exam. Our 11+ tutors are very experienced in exam success techniques, which is evident in our 11+ tuition style. We focus on practising a lot of past 11+ questions and explain concepts where the student is struggling as they work through and become more and more strong in the topics.

London Brookes College 11+ tutors cover all the content and structure of the 11+ exam. Focusing on a combination of the following four subjects:

Verbal reasoning
Non-verbal reasoning

Although the content of the English and maths tests tend to follow the National Curriculum, verbal, and non-verbal reasoning are not subjects that are taught as part of the curriculum in state primary schools. London Brookes College 11+ tuition covers all four areas. Our 11+ tutors are experienced in all four areas. By working with our 11+ tutors you will get top marks in your 11+ exams and get into your school of choice.

Success in 11+ tests is most likely where students are well prepared, both academically and in terms of their exam technique.

Ideally, this means that you’ll start developing your child’s subject knowledge and skills from at least Year 4 and introducing the development of some exam techniques, such as working under timed conditions, in Year 5 before the 11+ is taken in Year 6.

Book our 11+ tuition with our result driven, experienced 11+ tutors now:

Small Group 11+ tuition London

You will love being taught by the same experienced subject specialist throughout your whole course. – You will benefit from class sizes of no more than 8.

One to One 11+ Tuition Centre London

Students benefit from lots of individual, confidence building attention from an experienced 11+ Tutor. Students will be taught lessons tailored especially for them and working at their own pace in a peaceful environment. Students benefit from clarification of points that they never felt brave enough to ask about in class.

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