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Competition for top schools and university places is at an all time high. London Brookes College has been a trusted Science Tuition centre for over 20 years. Our Science tutors run a structured Science tutorial programme enabling students to receive a supplement to their school teaching throughout the year and focused revision during the examination period. Our weekend and after-school group and one to one Science tuition centre classes are aimed at 7-18 year olds focused on the core subject of Science. London Brookes College Science tutors provide tuition for Key Stage 1, 2, 3. We also specialise in GCSE Science tuition, A Level Science tuition, 11+ tuition and SAT preparation. London Brookes College also has a fully equipped, high quality science lab at our centre therefore are very provide to be able to offer Science practical exam tuition as well for IGCSE, GCSE and A levels.

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KS1, KS2, 11+, KS3, GCSE, A Levels and SATs Science tuition Centre

We aim to provide comprehensive and result orientated Science tuition backed by exam techniques enabling our students to succeed. Our Science tuition students enjoy individual attention, small classes and, when requested, one to one teaching. Our expert Science tutors cater for all subjects, ages and abilities; pupils come from all sorts of schools, all over this area.

Small Group Science Tuition Centre London

You will love being taught by the same experienced subject specialist throughout your whole course. – You will benefit from class sizes of no more than 8.

One to One Science Tuition Centre London

Students benefit from lots of individual, confidence building attention from an experienced Science Tutor. Students will be taught lessons tailored especially for them and working at their own pace in a peaceful environment. Students benefit from clarification of points that they never felt brave enough to ask about in class.

Supplementing School

The big class sizes at school and lockdown has had an impact on the progress of many students. Our Science tutors ensure that our students not only bridge that gap but gain confidence in tackling Science problems at all levels.

Applying Knowledge

Our classes help students to solidify the subjects they have already covered so that they can build confidence. Our Science tutors work through lots of practice questions which allow students to apply their Science techniques and become very comfortable with all topics.

Science Practical Exam Tuition

Facilities include a larger hall and fully equipped laboratory for science practicals. A minimum of 2 hour booking is required for science practical tuition. All IGCSE, GCSE and A level students are welcome.

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