Top 10 Reasons to Choose Us

London Brookes College has used its extensive knowledge of over 20 years to create a dedicated support system that allows students to develop a real love of learning. We know how to ensure that our students get into their dream Universities. Our dedicated UCAS application support, use of past exam papers and regular mock exams prepare students to succeed.

One of our key strengths is our flexibility. We are able to tailor the course to our students’ individual needs. This is unmatched by other London Sixth form colleges.

Our Sixth Form College in London offers a wide range of IGCSE/ GCSE and A level courses for students seeking university entrance. All this and more is what makes London Brookes College one of the best sixth form colleges in London

1st Choice University Offers

We help students reach their true potential and gain offers from top universities. This year 98% of our students have gone to their 1st choice University. Students have peace of mind that they will get the best level of support with UCAS and University Applications. This is something we are extremely confident and proud of.

Focused Learning In Small Classes and Flexibility

Students learn more content more quickly in our smaller classes, increasing their confidence and better preparing them for exam success. Due to our small classes we are able to finish the course much quicker than other colleges. Which means that our teachers spend a lot of time on past paper questions and giving that individual help in areas that each student needs.

There are no compulsory subjects and students are free to specialise or study a range of subjects. Giving students the power to choose helps to motivate them throughout their studies. We enrol through-out the year. Our selection criteria is based on interviews, not past results. We offer part time courses in addition to our main full time courses. Our intensive courses are very popular and extremely effective

Significant Grade Improvements

Get your grades back on track. Students are given significant exam practice and revision time in the run-up to the exam period including regular assessments and mock exams. On average our data shows that students go up by 2 grades or more from the time they join us to the time they leave. This is achieved through our teachers being able to give that individual attention that students really need.

Pastoral Care And Support

Our teachers and staff really get to know the students and pick up on problems quickly, and ensure that intervention is made to remedy any problems which arise. All our staff have regular safeguarding training. Our senior staff run an open door policy which means that any student can come and discuss an issue that they are facing at any time. Students also have access to extra help lessons where needed.

Personal Development

Students are encouraged not only to succeed academically but also to push themselves to develop outside of the classroom – morally, socially and culturally. Students take part in a student council, charity events and motivational talks.

Small Investment Into Your Child’s Future

By being at least 40% cheaper than most private Sixth forms in London, parents have peace of mind that their child is getting quality education at an affordable price.

Sixth Form Specialists

Students have access to exceptional levels of expertise in the teaching of GCSE and A level subjects. We are known for our student university placements, accreditation and bespoke approach to education. All of our students get a place at University with 98% of them going onto their 1st choice University.

Careers Advice

Students are offered a full programme of careers-related seminars given by speakers eminent in their field. These inspiring talks are particularly pertinent when a student is formulating university choices. We believe the most effective form of motivation for a student is to actually visit their future places of study and work. London Brookes College organises trips to various Universities, London’s Banking hub (Canary Wharf), Hospitals and other places of student future career interest.

Enrichment, Educational Trips, Debating And Sports

We at London Brookes College believe that extracurricular and enrichment activities help students stay motivated and develop key skills that further enhance their ability to become more mature and independent learners. All our students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities to develop personal interests, learn new skills, support university applications or simply to have fun.

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