Tuition Centre FAQs

Below we’ve listed some of the most frequently asked questions parents and students have about private tuition.

How often should you have lessons?

This very much depends on the student and the course. Currently there are students who have up to 6 hours tuition per week, and others who just have the occasional lesson. Most students have regular lessons at the same time(s) each week to ensure availability. On average, the majority of students have between 1-2 hours per week per subject, and some increase this as exams approach.

What is involved in a free assessment lesson?

The free assessment is designed to identify any gaps in your learning and also identify your strengths. The free assessment can take anywhere from 40 – 60 minutes and is conducted by a fully qualified teacher.

Following the assessment, you can talk directly to the teacher to discuss the results. The assessment results help us to design an individualised learning programme for you.

How long will I need tutoring?

Everyone progresses at a different rate. It can be difficult to determine the exact amount of time you will need tutoring. You can discuss this in more detail with your London Brookes College tutor. We have some basic benchmarks that we use to give estimation. The best method is consistent and quality tuition.

What results can I expect?

Results depend on a combination of many different factors but essentially the more work a student puts in, the more they will get out. Tuition Matters has had successful results every exam season, for students resitting exams or getting good grades first time.

How do I know they are progressing? Should we reassess them regularly?

The London Brookes College study programme is progressive. You will be starting at a foundational level and will work your way up to the goal set. Each week your lesson plan contains new activities that build on the knowledge you learned in the previous week. We reassess students towards the end of the year OR when a child has potentially reached their goal.

Who are some of your current students?

I have a mixture of national and international students who all have lessons online, and are following UK-based courses.

Students have tuition for a variety of reasons:

  • To supplement their school work
  • To improve their grade in a resit exam
  • When studying outside of conventional education e.g. distance learning or home education
  • Mature students wanting a change of career

How much homework will I receive?

Homework is an important part of the programme. It gives you the opportunity to consolidate and practise what they have learnt during their lesson. You will not receive homework on topics that you have not covered with your tutor or tasks that are too difficult.

Got a question of your own?

If you have another question, please feel free to get in touch. We will be glad to answer any query you may have.

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