Two Year A Level

Our Two Year A level course is well designed with a balanced approach to Education. In the first year, you will be taught the AS level that focuses more on strengthening the foundations of the subjects (typically 4 subjects). In the second year of A levels, you will be given more in-depth knowledge of your chosen subjects (typically 3).

In addition, during the 2nd year of the A levels course, we will help you choose the right degree course at university and ensure that your UCAS application is well researched and carefully completed. If you are applying for medicine or Oxford and Cambridge then they will be given extra support.

We also provide a wide-ranging enrichment and extracurricular programme. This includes a range of activities including but not limited to charity fundraising, debating society, football, frequent visits to theatres, art galleries and exhibitions, and a variety of inspirational visiting speakers.


Why should I this course?

Anyone who wants to enroll on their university course of choice by achieving the right A Level results in the required subject.

Even if you’re looking to move out of education, many employers view good A level results as prerequisites.


Who can do it?

If you are continuing at London Brookes Sixth Form College after taking their GCSEs with us.

If you are from another school and looking for an A level college after completing their GCSEs.

If you changed your plans after an unsatisfactory first year of A level at another school. Depending on your academic progress up to the point of joining London Brookes Sixth Form College, you might be asked to repeat Year 12 or join our Year 13 group.

How can I take this course?

If you have completed all or part of an A level course at another school or college, you can continue your studies with us to complete the course. We’ll help you pick up the units that need improvement while you keep learning the rest, making sure you don’t waste important time. Please speak to the Admissions Officer for more details.


What subjects can I choose?

Two Year A level courses are offered in a large variety of subjects.

Common subjects students choose to take include English, Maths, and Science, as well as certain languages or other specialisms, such as Psychology or Law.

How long will it take?

It can take up to 12 months to study and pass your A levels. However, if you have done it before then you might be able confident to take the exam between 6 months and 12 months.

Where can I do it?

We offer almost all A-level courses and can tailor the timetable based on your individual needs, meaning you can fit studying around your schedule.

We offer a variety of payment options, so there’s no need to worry if you don’t want to pay the whole fee upfront.

We provide everything you need to pass, including content for each module of your course and mock exams to ensure you know the material inside out. We’ll also register your exam for you when you’re ready to take it.

Why should I study at London Brookes Sixth Form College?

London Brookes Sixth Form College provides a wide range of A level courses, to suit every subject and budget. Benefits of studying with London Brookes include:

  • Small class sizes
  • Mock examinations
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexible learning
  • Pay in installments

Small classes, with fewer than 10 students, enable teachers to offer individual attention, set targeted homework on topic areas that need to be strengthened further

Our focus on examination preparation is simple, effective, and transformational. Through Mock exams and tests, students learn key exam skills such as time management and how to work under pressure.

London Brookes College is one of the best Sixth Colleges in London that provides exceptional help and support to students that want to achieve the top grades in their A Level courses and continue on to a successful degree. qualification.

We offer a choice between A level Retakes London, One Year Intensive A Level Courses, and 2 Year A Level courses that are designed to suit your individual interests and strengths.

These courses will provide you will the necessary qualifications to gain access to some of the top universities in the world.


  • Strong exam results
  • Excellent on-site facilities
  • Mock exams
  • Exam techniques
  • Extra individual help
  • High qualified teachers


  • Small class sizes
  • Personal tutor for every student
  • Easy accessibility to staff, teachers and Vice Principal
  • Individual learning plans
  • Extra lessons if needed
  • Regular home-work and assessments
  • Parents evenings and reports
  • Awards
  • Enrichment activities based on personal area of interest


  • We enrol throughout the year
  • Our selection criteria is based on the interview, not past results
  • We offer part time courses in addition to our main full time courses
  • Our intensive courses are very popular and extremely effective


  • Individual UCAS and careers guidance
  • Personal statement help
  • Enrichment programmes
  • 100% of London Brookes College graduates go on to university with 81% attaining their first choice




“Excellent teachers, beautiful building and a learning atmosphere that made me demand the best out of me. The teachers were completely dedicated to helping me get my grades. The college believed in me and it was this belief that allowed me to focus and study hard and achieve what Ii set out to achieve. Thank you LBC, I will use the discipline that I have learned from you in everything I put my mind to in life.”

Sarah (student)


“A very good institute ….very kind, considerate and friendly staff…very supportive…it was a wonderful experience to deal with them regarding my daughters…my kids love it too.”

Irum Mujtaba (Parent)


“Great college that gives students the attention they need in order to succeed.”

Timi Banjo (Parent)

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