Student & Parent Testimonials

When it comes to choosing the right Sixth Form College for your child, we know you want to send them to a GCSE and A level college where you can see real results.
All of our A-Level students last year achieved grades high enough to successfully secure places at universities of their choice. They are now studying at some of the top UK universities including Cambridge University and Imperial College. They have chosen a wide range of degree courses of their choice such as Law, Economics, Engineering, Biomedicine, Pharmacy, and Psychology to name but a few.

Bassil Alaeddin

London Brookes College is an excellent place to be if you seek to massively improve your grades and learning. I studied there for my GCSEs over the past year, and it was a great experience. Every teacher deeply cares about their students, and will always challenge them to go further. Each teacher has a unique and effective way of delivering the information needed, and will always be available if you need them. Your timetable, as well as the choice of classroom is flexibly adjusted to fit your needs, and extra lessons are always provided to those who need or want them. Everyone at the college wants you to do your best, and overall, provides you with the resources to do so. The college truly lives up to its slogan: Your Success; Our Goal.

After a year full of hard work, I achieved 7 A*s and 1 A, mainly thanks to the tireless hours and work put in by the amazing people here. To all the teachers, staff, and everyone else at this wonderful college, thank you! I greatly recommend you attend this college, whether that be for GCSEs, A Levels, or any other qualification. They will truly help you exceed, succeed, and flourish in your learning.

Thank you once again for everything London Brookes College.

Frishta Saleem

Dear London Brookes College, I loved every moment, everyone at the college is kind and welcoming. The teachers are inspiring, and are passionate about their subjects which makes learning easier and enjoyable. London Brookes College is different to all other Sixth Form colleges.

The students are all friendly and so are the teachers. London Brookes College may be small but it has a lot to offer such as a great education and friends. Teachers were amazing and helpful. Classrooms were small so more attention was given to you.


London Brookes College really made my success their goal, not only through their excellent standard of teaching but also through the powerful learning environment that the staff have created. The college truly inspired me to challenge myself and achieve my full potential. I will always look back at LBC with the fondest of memories

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