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London Brookes College has Key Stage 1 Tutors for students between Ages 5–7. KS1 Tutors at London Brookes College focus on numeracy, literacy, confidence and support. We have a number of KS1 tutors qualified to especially work with children at this level. London Brookes College has been a trusted Tuition centre for KS1 for over 20 years.

Our KS1 tutors do not put pressure on students. London Brookes College KS1 Tutors support the students and meet the student at their ability and build them up to a comfort level where they develop a real love of learning. Our tutors understand how important it is to make learning enjoyable for this age group. Our KS1 tutors provide caring support and patient tutoring.

We aim to provide comprehensive and result orientated KS1 tuition. Our KS1 tuition students enjoy individual attention, small classes and, when requested, one to one teaching. Our expert teachers cater for all abilities.

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Students sometimes do not get individual attention at their School. That’s why London Brookes College KS1 tutors ensure your child feels good about learning and develops confidence in the following areas:

speaking and listening

If you feel that your child would benefit from additional support, London Brookes College KS1 tutors will help your child gain confidence in the above subject areas and greatly increase their understanding.

Small Group KS1 Tuition Centre London

Students will love being taught by the same experienced subject specialist throughout the whole course. – Students will benefit from class sizes of no more than 8.

Students benefit from lots of individual, confidence building attention from an experienced KS1 Tutor. Students will be taught lessons tailored especially for them and working at their own pace in a peaceful environment. Students benefit from clarification of points that they never felt brave enough to ask about in school.

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