When you come to us at LBC, we are much less interested in what you have achieved than in what you can achieve. Our philosophy is simple. We believe that every one of us can succeed, given the right attitude and environment.

At your initial interview, we will discuss your academic needs and, between us, decide on the best way forward. Once with us, your attitude will change. You will learn, gain confidence, and progress. This will happen because we are small enough to be bespoke. We provide our students with teaching suited to the individual, rather than forcing the individual to fit the teaching.

Our Admissions process is as easy as booking an appointment with our admissions officer. You will be invited to our beautiful grade II listed building at the heart of north west London’s educational Hub. We will ask you or your guardian to full out our student enrolment form. After you have filled the form, you will have an informal interview with our admissions officer to discuss your educational goals. This meeting will be followed by a tour of our facilities. We will let you know during this visit about your acceptance into our college.

Book an appointment through our online booking system or email us now at


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