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From our earliest days as a tuition centre, we have endeavoured to give our students an outstanding educational service; high quality teaching, individual attention and a calm, scholarly learning environment. Now our students still have exactly that same learning experience but across a much broader educational spectrum, offering them a wide range of vocational as well as academic courses.

The highly effective A level and IGCSE programmes that have been such a source of pride to us for so many years have now been joined by HND, City and Guilds and ESOL preparation. Recognised by all qualification boards as a private examination centre, we also conduct university entrance examinations such as BMAT and LNET. Other professional education is also part of our repertoire.

Wholehearted supporters of UNESCO’s belief that teachers are one of the most powerful forces for equality in education, we are constantly developing our teacher training programme.
LBC’s original aim was to improve, enhance and even enrich the lives of those with whom we share this little corner of NW4.. As the world around changes, the importance of learning remains the same.

Our collective concern for our children’s possible lack of learning during lockdown proved just how vital education is for the common good. Firm believers in the UNESCO maxim that learning changes lives, LBC intends to touch lives, either in person or online, for many more years to come.

Multi-cultural and inclusive, we embrace change not only in education but also in social and cultural initiatives, living our philosophy of always respecting each other as we work towards our common goal; learning for life, for all.

By choosing to come to London Brookes College, you will place yourself at the centre of the British cultural and academic experience. Our college offers small classes, high standards and excellent teaching, all designed to help you achieve the highest grades. When the time comes for your university application, we’ll guide you through the entire process. You’ll certainly be well equipped for degree level study; most of our students achieve their target qualifications and our examination results are above the national average. Every year, those who have studied with us progress to courses at top universities, including Oxford University, Cambridge University and Imperial College. In fact, after studying at London Brookes College, you will feel intellectually and socially confident, having mixed with a range of other intelligent young people from all over the world. You’ll also have formed positive connections with our highly professional teachers.

London Brookes College is undeniably unique and will most certainly continue to be so. Not only are we unique; we are also extra special because, in a complex and constantly changing world, we adapt whilst still holding fast to the core values which have guided our educational provision throughout the past twenty years. We embrace individuality, find solutions, work with all exam boards and, best of all, by doing these things on a daily basis, we facilitate the success of all our students. Whatever it is you need from education, be it GCSEs, A levels or just a little bit of extra help with any aspect of your studies, we are here in person,or online,to support you. You can join us at any time in the academic year and we will accommodate you, providing one to one classes with our highly qualified teachers which enable you to make up for lost learning time. All of this is, undeniably, unique.

Our students often tell us that they were unable to begin A levels at school because of disappointing GCSE results. This is no obstacle at all to our students at LBC where we have a happy history of preparation for GCSE re-sits (often in English and Maths) alongside A levels, enabling learners to gain the qualifications needed to study at their dream university. This was our aim at the outset; it is one that we consistently achieve and it is, most certainly, one which time cannot alter.

Situated twenty minutes from the buzz of central London, in Hendon, NW4, London Brookes College has been running internationally recognised GCSE, IGCSE and GCE courses for over twenty years. We are fully accredited by the ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate). As soon as you step through the front door of our beautiful, listed building, you will understand why we are so highly thought of. You will feel at home with us; multi-ethnic and multi faith, we embrace the cultural diversity that makes London such a great place to live! We offer a programme of cultural events to complement your study programme, taking you to theatres and educating you about British culture so that you gain an insight into all the idiosyncrasies that make British life so fascinating. We also provide numerous extra-curricular activities on a weekly basis, including football, tennis, art and music.


Whether inside or out of the classroom, our students are motivated and engaged, whilst being challenged in their learning. You can be, too, by joining us at London Brookes College.

Latest inspection report Highlights

In our most recent full ISI inspection, in December 2021, our course provision was rated as “excellent” as was the progress and attainment of our students.

We know, and the ISI agreed, that a large part of our effectiveness comes from our “excellent” system of initial assessment. All of our students are interviewed and assessed before commencing their studies with us. This ensures that they are placed on “ the most suitable programme to meet their needs” and can continue to make good progress.

The ISI also observed that “the extra support and tuition provided for students with additional needs or who are not meeting the expected standards is very effective so that these students achieve their goals in line with their peers.” Even better, everyone’s learning takes place in an environment where relationships between students and staff are “mutually respectful” and “students feel safe and comfortable.” Here, writes the ISI “well qualified teachers use their high level of expertise to explain and demonstrate concepts to students so that they understand.” Unsurprisingly, then, “students are attentive and participate fully in activities.” Participation and engagement in class, naturally, enhance achievement. To complement this classroom learning,” Homework, class tests and practice examination questions”the ISI noted,, enable teachers to assess student progress regularly and “teachers return marked work promptly.” We at LBC believe that this atmosphere of regularity and order adds to our students” sense of security and routine, enabling them to progress so well academically. It is certainly true, and the ISI agree, that our A level and IGCSE results are “well above published national average in the vast majority of subjects.” The culmination of our students” learning is, of course, higher education and, in the words of ISI, “the vast majority of students progress to their first choice of university.”

Every year we celebrate new successes as our students proceed to the next stage of learning. They are living proof that to quote the ISI for the very last time, LBC students are well educated in accordance with their personal goals and aspirations. Consequently, the vast majority of students make good or excellent progress and successfully complete the qualification for which they enrolled.”

Their educational journey began and ended well-we say so and the ISI agree.

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Vice Principal

Sandra Poulton   B.A. (Hons) M.A.  P.G.C.E

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