English Language

English Language subject is designed to develop and enhance personal skills of reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

All universities and employers recognise that an English qualification gives students a clear demonstration of an impressive set of skills including independent research, the understanding and manipulation of complex ideas, and strong oral and written communication abilities. English is highly recommended if your child is looking to pursue a career in accountancy, banking, law, Journalism, and looking to work in a wide range of industries like retail, sales, advertising, marketing, and media including social media.

Other subjects can be organised on an individual basis. Please speak to the Admissions Officer for more details.

Course Length

One or two years.

Why study it and what skills does it develop?


The ability to express oneself clearly and to understand clearly what others have expressed is so obviously a fundamental requirement in all aspects of our life, and also has an immediate effect on students’ capacities in all other subjects where reading and writing are necessary


A level


English Language A level is a challenging academic course which is respected by universities. It enables you to look under the surface of language and to see how meaning is often conveyed in ways that are not explicit. It is a subject that matches up well with other humanities subjects.


What prior knowledge and skills are required?


You need the capacity to write creatively and discursively, and the ability to read critically and thoughtfully.



A level 

You will need at least a 6 (B) in English Language GCSE. Many students on the one-year course will already have a good knowledge of the subject from previous study. A love of reading is essential, including texts from previous eras, e.g. Dickens and Shakespeare. As the qualification is based largely (70%) on unseen material you will need to know the basic methodologies very well indeed.



“My experience at London Brookes College has been one of a kind. Initially, upon my arrival to the college I was nervous about meeting new friends, building relationships with my new teachers and simply ‘fitting in’. However, the college allowed me to feel comfortable and confident immediately. Personally speaking, this college has amazing English and Politics teachers who explain concepts to the depth, my English teachers provided me with all the resources needed to achieve the best grade possible. In addition to this, my politics teacher was able to elaborate and explain complicated current affairs in detail, giving me a broader understanding in the world of politics – I even managed to attend the House of Lords 4 times this year based on a programme which I was put on.”

Alice Walker (student)


“Great college with good facilities. The teachers are friendly and very helpful. I couldn’t have got through last year without their help!”

Tasha (Student)


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