Sixth Form Prospectus

London Brookes College March 2023 Newsletter

Vice-Principal’s Message

By choosing to come to London Brookes College, you will place yourself at the centre of the British cultural and academic experience. Our college offers small classes, high standards and excellent teaching, all designed to help you achieve the highest grades. When the time comes for your university application, we’ll guide you through the entire process. You’ll certainly be well equipped for degree level study; most of our students achieve their target qualifications and our examination results are above the national average. Every year, those who have studied with us progress to courses at top universities. In fact, after studying at LBC, you will feel intellectually and socially confident, having mixed with a range of other intelligent young people from all over the world. You’ll also have formed positive connections with our highly professional teachers- our last inspection reported that “Students are enthusiastic and participate very well in class. Teachers demonstrate strong subject knowledge and are skilled in imparting information and ensuring students’ understanding of topics. Complex concepts are clearly explained and made accessible to students.” (ISI report). Because this is the case, and because our classes are so small, you’ll find it easy to ask teachers for help when you need it. Consequently, you’ll gain academic confidence because all confusion will have been eliminated at an early stage of your learning. 

Situated twenty minutes from the buzz of central London, in Hendon, NW4, London Brookes College has been running internationally recognized GCSE, IGCSE and GCE courses for over ten years. We are fully accredited by the ISI (Independent Schools Inspectorate). As soon as you step through the front door of our beautiful listed building, you will understand why we are so highly thought of. You will feel at home with us; multi-ethnic and multi faith, we embrace the cultural diversity that makes London such a great place to live! We offer a program of cultural events to complement your study, taking you to theatres and educating you about British culture so that you gain an insight into the all the idiosyncrasies that make British life so fascinating. We also provide numerous extra-curricular activities on a weekly basis, including football, tennis, art and music. 

Whether, inside or out of the classroom, our students are motivated and engaged, whilst being challenged in their learning. You can be, too, by joining us at London Brookes College. 

Contact us today to find out more. 


Sandra Poulton 


London Brookes College


About Us 

London Brookes College is an independent sixth form college that offers A-level, GCSE and IGCSE courses. We pride ourselves on being able to tailor courses in respect of the specific needs of the individual. Our open and supportive atmosphere encourages students to develop on both an academic and personal level. Our teachers take a proactive interest in every student and encourage students to continue classroom discussions outside of lessons.  

A combination of small class sizes and close pupil-teacher relationships helps every student to realise their full potential. London Brookes takes pride in the diversity of its pupils and in being able to meet their different needs, whether we are preparing them for medical or Oxbridge interviews or guiding them through their IGCSE’s.  

We identify both strengths and areas for development as early as possible and monitor our students’ progress closely throughout the year. Regular homework and exam testing are integral to our approach.  

Every student is assigned a personal tutor who takes special responsibility for progress and welfare. This relationship gives the opportunity to provide advice and support in both academic and pastoral matters whenever they are required.  

Our teachers are all graduates and experts in their particular subject areas. Exam results are our key focus and to this end our teachers aspire to deliver inspirational lessons with plenty of student participation.  

Our college philosophy is that everyone, irrespective of age, has an infinite potential for learning, and a great capacity for change. 

Our aim is to provide all students with the skills, knowledge and understanding to achieve their full potential. All are encouraged to believe in themselves and build their confidence. Students leaving our college will have achieved outstanding personal success and have developed a love of learning, together with a lasting intellectual curiosity that will enable them to take their place in society. 


Teaching and Learning in small classes

At London Brookes College our teachers are highly qualified subject specialists with a wealth of subject knowledge. As many of them are also examiners, they can provide an additional insight into the skills necessary to gain top grades in the examination room. Their skills and knowledge compliment our small class sizes ensuring that each student receives the maximum individual attention. 


Ethos and Discipline  

At London Brookes College we encourage our students to achieve their full potential by extolling the related virtues of hard work and perseverance while assisting them in every possible way. We instil an inquisitive nature in all our students and develop a love of knowledge, fostering the intellectual curiosity which is the key to life-long learning. Such an effective learning environment can only exist in a climate of mutual respect, understanding and a shared commitment to success. To ensure these values are upheld we insist upon adherence to our code of conduct and take all necessary steps to ensure that students comply with this. 


Expert UCAS Advice and Guidance 

We provide expert UCAS advice and guidance, helping students come to a realistic decision about degree courses. Students are also given extensive guidance in writing personal statements. Students attending interviews at universities are given mock interviews with subject specialists and extra coaching is given to potential candidates for Oxbridge. The overwhelming majority of our students are offered places at Russell Group universities. 


Facilities and Extra-Curricular Activities 

As well as providing students with state-of-the-art academic facilities, such as our newly refurbished science lab and ICT lounge, London Brookes offers students the opportunity to pursue other, non-academic interests. Tennis courts, football pitches and gym facilities are available to students who enjoy sports, while music, art classes and cultural excursions will enhance their life experiences.  


Pastoral Care 

We are small enough to care for every individual, whatever their particular needs. Through our mentoring programme, involving regular one to one meetings between student and tutor, problems can easily be identified and solved. All issues raised in these meetings are treated seriously and acted upon in accordance with the relevant guidelines.


My Child AtSchool Parent Portal 

London Brookes College is delighted to provide parents with the new MyChildAtSchool online parent portal, which will enable parents to view their child’s performance at school in real time via any modern web browser. The portal gives parents access to information regarding attendance, behaviour, assessment and student reports. 

In addition, parents can engage with their child’s homework, through the homework settings, receive push notifications concerning school announcements and communicate directly with the school reception.  

Features Include:

  • Direct parental access to student information promoting communication between both schools and parents, and parents and their children 
  • Real time data so that parents can instantly see whether his/her child is in school now 
  • Any potential truancy problems can be detected early and prevented 
  • Comprehensive communication between parents and schools about their children 
  • Parents can engaged in the learning experience with complete visibility of homework status and feedback 
  • Parents can view and support their child’s behaviour and engage in open discussions with the school 
  • Parents can see which lessons their child has and with whom 
  • Parents can message teachers directly 
  • Parents are kept informed of all student activity on the go


Courses Offered 

London Brookes College offers a wide range of courses at every level including GCSEs, IGCSEs and A-level. We also offer a wide range of flexibility of subject combinations. Whilst the London Brookes approach has particular advantages for students who join at GCSE and work their way towards their chosen university course over three years, it can also be invaluable to those who join us for more intensive or retake courses.  



London Brookes College has developed a thriving GCSE/IGCSE department that can provide the ideal environment for students to achieve high grades before moving to A-Levels. Our students enjoy a close community atmosphere which is probably very different from that found in their much larger previous schools. Another advantage of LBC is that as well as offering full time GCSE/IGCSE courses, AS and A2 students can re-sit GCSE/IGCSE examinations whilst simultaneously studying for their A-levels. 


Two Year A-level Courses 

This is the standard entry point for most of our students who have completed their GCSEs/IGCSEs.   

A-levels are divided into two parts, AS and A2, both of which contain a number of modules. Usually, AS modules are studied in the first year of the course and A2 modules in the second. It is usual for students to study for 4 AS levels before dropping one at A2 level in order to concentrate on those which will best equip them for their chosen university course. 


One Year Intensive A-Level Courses 

These are self-contained courses which cover the entire AS and A2 syllabus in one year. They are appropriate for students who want to retake their AS and A2 level modules in one year. Many students find it helpful to cover both AS and A2 levels simultaneously as it enables them to apply AS level knowledge whilst fresh in their minds, rather than trying to remember material that they learnt a year before. It is possible to intensively study for an A-Level subject that is completely new to you; this is, however, very difficult unless you are exceptionally committed. We recommend that students who want to achieve the highest grades pursue a two year course of study.  


A-level retakes 

You are best suited to retake A-Levels if you have already taken all or some of the modules but have been disappointed with your grades. These courses will prepare you to re-take your AS and A2 level modules over a 6–12 month time period.  


Subject Choices London Brookes College 2021-2022 


AS & A Levels

  • Mathematics 
  • Further Mathematics 
  • Biology
  • Chemistry 
  • Physics 
  • English Literature 
  • History 
  • Government & Politics 
  • Sociology 
  • Psychology 
  • Business Studies 
  • Economics 
  • Accountancy 
  • French 
  • Spanish 
  • Chinese 



CORE Subjects (9.00 am – 3.30 pm):

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Biology 
  • Chemistry 
  • Physics


OPTIONAL/ADDITIONAL (3.30 pm onwards): 

  • History
  • Religious Studies
  • Art
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