Scientific Excellence at LBC

An overview of the London Brookes College’s vibrant Science Department

The London Brookes College Science Department is the largest in the school, providing expert teaching across all science subjects at GCSE and A Level. Our specialist staff guide and lead our year cohorts through the challenging specifications in Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.

Our full-time students study for the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) board. Our science team is lead by Mr Hassan Ali, who is also our lead Biology teacher. Chemistry is led by Mr Pandit with co-teachers Dr Aamira Iqbal and Dr Noel Dickson. Physics is supervised by Mr Roshan Fernando and Mr Shah. Ms Tanya Drobnis also teaches Biology and Chemistry. The laboratory is ably managed by Dr Andrew Matovu .

The wealth of experience this team brings leaves the students secure and confident in their knowledge and ability to meet and surpass their scientific potential as they navigate the GCSE and A Level courses.

Previous Science graduates of LBC have gone on to read courses such as Medicine, Dentistry, Engineering, Pharmacy and Chemistry at Kings, UCL, and City University. We are proud of these achievements and look forward to supporting this year’s students, some of whom have already received UCAS offers for medicine, engineering and pharmacy from a range of Russell Group universities.

Our science hub consists of full facilities to cater for the theoretical and practical aspects of modern Science teaching. Our Science team uses interactive technology and state-of-the-art equipment in training the students in every aspect of the course components. Our Science team also train and accommodate external candidates for exams and practicals for all exam boards.

Unlike other schools, our experienced team and comprehensive facilities are capable of accommodating the full range of science practicals covered in the national curriculum. Whether it be microscopy, inorganic analysis, organic Chemistry, organ dissection, electromagnetism, or mechanics, LBC has all scientific possibilities covered.

At LBC, our approach to teaching science is based on a belief that every child is capable of grasping the fundamental concepts of the scientific disciplines and that each child can excel with the right support and teaching.

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” –

Albert Einstein

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