LBC’s Got Talent!!!

London Brookes College’s annual talent show and Christmas party. The annual shin dig took place in the festive surrounds of our good neighbours, Hendon Methodist Church. It was a rousing way to finish off the last term of the academic year and a memorable occasion for all involved. The master of ceremonies, as always, was our effervescent VP, Mrs Sandra Poulton who ushered our young (and not so young) performers onto the stage. The first performer of the day was Mr Logue, our very own Government and Politics Jimi Hendrix, who overcame his massive stage fright to kick the show off with some memorable versions of Bob Dylan among others. Next up was Yusuf Hayat, a guitar protege of the aformentioned Mr Logue, who some displayed some virtuoso picking, strumming and singing as he accompanied himself through cover versions of theTracey Chapman classic “Fast Car” as well as one of NIall Horan’s solo tracks. Following that King Ting tickled the ivories and caressed the ebonies through the festive themed Mariah Carey crowd pleaser “All I want for Christmas is you”. He was aided and abetted in his keyboard endeavours by Synteshe Tongomo who bravely volunteered to be page turner in chief for our young Rachmaninoff.

The talent show then entered another realm entirely as Mahbod Khoshnod bedazzled and bewitched a sequence of volunteers and the whole audience with a host of incredulous slight-of-hand, close up magic card tricks and other indescribable magical manouevres. He truly brought the crowd some Christmas magic in every sense of the word!!! We were then treated to a very poignant and aptly chosen dramatic reading and interpretationfrom ‘A Christmas Carol’, enacted by Kazim Abbas, Isabela Gjoka, Sharif Abdul-Hakim, Synteshe Tongomo. A very thoughtful and moving performance! The final performance of the day was a special guest sang a lovely song much to the sighs and “aws” of the gathered audience. The event then opened up with much eating, lemonade drinking and merry-making. A special mention should go to Suraya Abdi for the most delicious home-made cup-cakes and, of course, our own Mr Ahmed for the pizza, drinks and general arrangements. The musical maestros on the decks (or on Spotify, at least) were DJ Kazim and DJ Amar Dave from our A2 class who ensured the house was rocking with the festive spirit before the Christmas break.

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