International Student Prospective on London Brookes College

London Brookes College has been welcoming and educating Chinese students for several years at both GCSE and A Level. We hear from Wanting Liang about her thoughts and views on student life at LBC.

My name is Wanting “Wendy” Liang and I come from Guangdong province in China. I have been in the UK for a year and a half. When I first arrived in England, I went to a boarding school outside of London but I found there were so many Chinese students there that my English was not getting better. Instead, I improved my Mandarin! This is not why I came to England to finish high school!

When I came to London Brookes College, I quickly realised this would be a better place for me. Almost all of the students are locals who have grown up in England, so this has allowed me to make major progress with my English…finally! The English teachers in Brookes are very patient and they are very clear and easy to understand. Mr Walsh has helped us to prepare for the IELTSexam and now we can enter university here with a good IELTSscore.

In London Brookes College, the class sizes are smaller than my other English school and much smaller than China. It is so easy to learn in a group of seven or eight students. Not like in China, with fifty other students. If you have a question in Brookes the teacher can help you with it immediately.

I also chose Brookes because it has a good reputation. I think the teachers are very nice and the other students are open and helpful. Sometimes I receive one-to-one lessons if I am having a big problem in a subject or if I need extra help. This is so useful!

I still feel homesick and lonely, but because of the LBC teachers, staff, and my new friends, living in England is getting easier. I am looking forward to the rest of this academic year. I am even looking forward to doing my AS exams in May and June.

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