Chinese New Year, New School

London Brookes College has been welcoming and educating Chinese students for several years at both GCSE and A Level. We hear from Jiaxing Zhang about his thoughts and views on student life at LBC.

My Chinese name is Jiaxing Zhang, but my friends and teachers who are in LBCprefer to call me by my English name, Jason .It almost sounds the same! I’m from Liaoning province, in mainland China. I’ve been in Britain for roughly two years, and I have been attending London Brookes College for the same period.

After I came here, I saw the huge difference between Chinese school and English school. For instance, there are so many students in Chinese schools, whereas
students who are in London Brookes are always in small class. The British education is more focused on practicality, which takes time to get used to, but you get it eventually. On the other hand, Chinese education always concentrates on the examination-oriented system.

The main thing is that London Brookes has really helped me to understand how to succeed with exams in the British system.Thanks to the teachers in Brookes, I am well prepared and confident in my ability to do well at A Levels and get a place at a good English university.

When I arrived in London I had a lot of difficulty speaking and understanding English. Although it has taken a lot of time, my English has really improved here at Brookes. This is the reason why I choose LBC, teachers are very kind and patient and they understand they need to speak slowly and clearly for students like me, especially at the beginning! My friends in China are jealous now.

London Brookes college is in Hendon, in North London.The transport connections are pretty convenient because the college is close to Hendon Central Underground station. This is good news! LBC is near Middlesex University, so this is a more positive atmosphere for studying.

I am very happy with my choice to study A Levels at London Brookes College. The friendly teachers and staff and the English and international students make it a real ‘home from home’ for me!

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