Chess Club

Grandmasters do battle: Sakaria & Zakaria take each other on in our Chess Club Grand Finale

Do you know your bishops from your pawns? Your queens from your rooks? Your Sicilian Defense from your Wing Gambit? The boys and girls of London Brookes College’s weekly chess club sure do! From beginners to grandmasters with more than a bit of chess ‘flash’, LBC’s chess club again lead to some fascinating moments of strategic combat thanks to the careful and planned movements of the carved finger troops of our faithful members. Our Friday chess and draughts sessions allowed our chequerboard heroes a very cerebral reprieve from the efforts and strains of GCSE and A Level studies. The game of the year was unquestionably the nail biting best-of-three final between Zekaria and Sakaria. Nice to see that the lads don’t take themselves too seriously and gave us two big smiles for these shots that will go down in the annals of LBC chess club tense matches. LBC chess club motto? “When mates check mates!!!!!!!!!”

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