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Mrs Sandra Poutlon, LBC Vice Principal

Welcome to the wonderful world of educational opportunity that is London Brookes College, each academic year we witness our crop of students departing for degree level study, having fulfilled their potential through LBC’s winning combination of small classes, excellent teaching and individualised care. Naturally, as ever, we had students progressing to highly competitive courses in the fields of medicine and mathematics at universities such as Kings, St. George’s and Manchester. …….One of our aspiring novelists has just (metaphorically speaking) set sail for Goldsmith’s University where he will study Creative Writing at undergraduate level. We wish all of our alumnae continuing success and happiness in their new lives, Meanwhile, at home in Hendon, we continue the fulfilling work of planting seeds for the future.

Our firm belief in the maxim that luck is merely preparation meeting opportunity has led to the provision of a whole raft of enrichment opportunities, mostly organised by our highly creative and resourceful students. Continuing our tradition of charity fund raising, our new Student Council is already planning our annual LBC Poppy Day appeal. Another well-loved LBC tradition, Thursday night football, is an integral part of college life. Less frequent, but still greatly enjoyed, are our visiting speakers. Our most recent was Mr. Ben Churchill from Goldsmiths University. Mr. Churchill is now a fixture on our calendar. He is our trusted advisor on all matters pertaining to personal statements and the new UCAS tariff. His aim, as ours, is to send our students confidently into a brave new world, fully equipped to follow whatever road they may choose.

London Brookes College

London Brookes College

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