The ‘Beautiful Game’ at LBC

The weekly Five -A-Side LBC football games at London Middlesex University’s top notch 4G Astro pitches bring together students and staff from all subjects and years.

As part of LBC extra-curricular activities the Thursday evening 5-a-side football has been underway for 3 years now. We have a regular slot booked in the Middlesex University 4 Gall terrain pitch. These facilities really allow our budding Lionel Messi’s to hone their skills. The matches take place in an atmosphere
of good fun, competitiveness and sportsmanship. All of our 5-a-side players know that our motto is ‘Your Success: Our Goal’ and they apply this both in the
classroom and on the football pitch.

The sessions are led by Mr Cillian “Zinedine Zindane” Logue in conjunction with our very own S. American Louis “Nolberto Solano” Pena. Our resident enforcer Jamal Nokoe is often found bulldozing his way through opposition defences, while nimble footed midfield dynamo Alex Browne dazzles the eye.

Participants benefit from a great sense of team spirit and our 5-a-side football events have proven a fantastic and fun way for new students to get to know one another and make friends,at the start of the Autumn term.

In recent years our 5-a-side evenings launched the professional football career of future Barnet Town FC sensation Elijah Seymour, the pride of the Cayman Islands

“In life, as in football, you won?t go far unless you know where the goalposts are.”
Arnold H Glasow

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