LBC Science Club

As if LBC students couldn’t get enough of science in their lessons, studies, homework and revision, Joy Echefu took it upon herself to set up the inaugural event of the London Brookes Science Club. We are looking forward to seeing this extracurricular scientific fellowship going from strength to strength over the years to come. Well done, Joy!!!!!!!

The newly established, SciSoc (science society) was created to connect london brookes college students that desired to pursue a career in a scientific discipline, by providing an environment in which they could gather to discuss relevant issues and developments in a range of scientific fields. Consisting of discussions on a variety of topics every friday lunchtime, the 30 minute sessions, (led by students) provide useful information gathered from further reading; consequently enhancing independent studies by going beyond the boundaries of the a level syllabus. Broadening student perspective of a range of science fields, I found it an impactful experience, as it provided useful content to enhance my personal statement in my university application, as well as developing independent skills such as public speaking, presentation, organization and giving me the opportunity to construct arguments for ethical debates.

Bringing together a number of students at AS and A2 level with different career aspirations, (from medicine to communication technology, genetic engineering to neuroscience, geology to astrophysics etc), the links between the disciplines were reiterated, building up ones ability to cross-reference and think outside the box, whilst changing preconceptions of what a career/subject consisted ofor wad limited to. The fact that it was established and is run solely by the students, ensures that the content is presented in a manner that is simple to digest, while remaining rich in information; presented in a fun, engaging and often humorous manner. The most recent discussions was a debate on medical ethics, regarding the boundaries of human genetic engineering, a truly thought provoking topic resulting in an abundance of different, interesting opinions. An enjoyable social community, SciSoc has further motivated me to continue on my pursuit of a scientific career and get involved in activities that are outside my curriculum.

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