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What to do if you have a free period?

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A level retakes
It’s so important to use your free periods productively; here are a few ideas (not all of them study related) of what you could do in that time:
  • Get some fresh air, take a coffee break and talk to friends so you’re ready and refreshed for the next lesson
  • Look through your class’ syllabus
  • Go over and review some older notes
  • Sort through any emails you have
  • Make a start on any homework/assignments that you have been given
  • Catch up on any work that you have missed
  • Start writing up some notes
  • Look at some university prospectuses online
  • Write a to-do list for the day/the following day
  • Plan out the rest of your week
  • Work and study with someone else who is in your classes
  • Read a book
  • Make some flashcards
  • Complete some practise questions or past papers
  • Listen to a podcast
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