London Brookes College Science programme

Along with English and maths, science remains one of the main core subjects in primary school. It can be one of the most exciting and practical subjects and, as a result, is a real joy for teachers and Students. Students  love the chance to learn through being totally hands-on and finding things out for themselves — the perfect way to understand the world around them. A good experience of science at younger years is also key to encouraging future generations to not only study this at secondary school, but also potentially to follow it as a career.

London Brookes College Science Programmes engages the students imagination and develops their natural curiosity of the world around them. From basics such as Plants (basic structure), Animals including humans (basic knowledge of parts of human body and comparing animals), Everyday materials (describing properties), Seasonal changes. To more complex and detailed topics such as:

  • Animals including humans (circulatory system, diet and exercise, healthy living)
  • Living things and their habitat (classification, characteristics of plant and animal groups)
  • Light (how it travels, how we see, shadows)
  • Electricity (voltage and power in circuits, circuit components, symbols and diagrams)
  • Evolution and inheritance (how living things have changed over time, fossils, dinosaurs, adaptation to environment).

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