London Brookes College English programme

London Brookes College is in a unique position where we have a pool of teachers with an extensive experience of teaching children of different age groups. The student is placed in a group or a one to one class with the teacher that has the experience of teaching that age group.

The importance of literacy can be seen everywhere you look – words on signs, in books, on websites, in forms, on vehicles and hundreds of other places. The world runs on words, so reading and writing are essential life skills. For some they come easily; for others mastering the English language can be hard work.

London Brookes College English programme helps children of all ages and ability. The first and foremost aim of these lessons are to develop a love reading and learning.

London Brookes College English programme goes right from the very basics of phonics all the way to comprehension, critique, grammar all in small steps, building ability gradually along the way.

Our teachers make English fun which allows students to learn very quickly and become proficient in the various topics needed for them to succeed in school or assessments.

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