11+ Tuition in London

Are you looking for 11+ Exams Tuition in London for your child?

11+ Tuition in London

With so many preparatory schools around parents worry that their child may not be getting the extra help they need to be successful at 11+ exams or other school entrance exams. London Brookes College is in a unique position where we have a pool of teachers with an extensive experience of teaching children of different age groups. The student is placed in a group or a one to one class with the teacher that has the experience of teaching that age group.

Our teachers teach the following skills to the students for the 11+ exam preparation tuition:

  • Verbal Reasoning
  • Non-verbal Reasoning
  • Maths including arithmetic and reasoning
  • Writing composition
  • Reading comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Punctuation, grammar and spelling

In addition to mastering these skills the students are given time management and exam technique skills. They gain this through doing mock 11+ exams in lessons which replicate a real 11+ exam scenario. Joining these 11+ exam preparation classes as early as possible, will allow students to practice exams so many times that it becomes a stress free experience for the students.

Our 11+ students go into exams confident and are very successful.

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