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What makes London Brookes College one of the best Sixth Form Colleges in London?

Our Philosophy, Highest Quality Education at an Affordable Price

We’ll help your child succeed by giving them the individual care and attention they deserve at one of the best Sixth Form Colleges in London.

We believe that everyone, irrespective of age, has an infinite potential for learning, and a great capacity for change.

Our Mission, Individual Care Designed to Inspire Your Child

We aim provide your child with the skills, knowledge and understanding to achieve their full potential. Your child will believe in themselves and build their confidence. Upon leaving the college, your child will have achieved outstanding personal success and have developed a love of learning, together with a lasting intellectual curiosity that will enable them to achieve their goals.

Understanding your child's educational needs

London Brookes College looks after you from the moment you first set foot in our building. When you register your interest in joining our sixth form college, we ask you to complete a short questionnaire giving information about yourself. Our questions are designed to provide us with a full picture of your individual educational needs, enabling us to work with you in order to achieve your best.

Creating Your Child's Individual Learning Plans

Once you begin to study at LBC sixth form, your subject teachers will draw up your Individual Learning Plans (ILP). These give you targets which you need to meet in order to improve your grades. You will have an ILP for every subject.

You and your subject teacher will each have a copy of your ILP so that you can both monitor your progress. Your ILP will be updated with new targets on a regular basis. By following what your teachers suggest, you should make rapid progress and achieve your goals. You will also have a form tutor with whom you will discuss your progress at regular meetings.

Frequent assessments and In Depth Reports On Your Child's Progress with "Even Better If" suggestions

London Brookes College is one of the best sixth form colleges because we help you succeed in lots of other ways, too. All work is marked with “Even Better If (EBI)” suggestions which will help you to improve.

In November, we have November tests and, in March, a full mock examination to give practice for the public examinations in the summer.

Two full reports are issued, at the end of the winter and spring terms. These reports give advice on ways to develop your skills; you need to take notice of what is suggested and put it into practice, just as you do with the ILP guidance and EBI comments.

Parental Involvement, Support and Feedback

Another way we ensure that you do your best is by inviting parents to attend parents’ evenings twice a year. Naturally, if the need arises, we will arrange meetings at other times to discuss individual progress.

Our focus is on the “Value added” which means outstanding improvement from GCSE to A levels.

At the beginning of your A2 year, the culmination of all your studies will begin when you start your UCAS application.

UCAS Applications and Top University Offers

London Brookes College is one of the best sixth form colleges in London because all our students go on to study at University with 81% going on to study at their 1st choice University. You will be helped in your university entrance application by your form tutor, subject teachers and our Vice-Principal, Mrs Sandra Poulton. She will see you individually to explain the application process and, on results day, she will be here, along with your other teachers, to congratulate you or help you if things haven’t gone quite to plan.

Personal Tutors, Individual Extra Help And Much More...

Of course, our staff aren’t only around on special days; they are available every day to give individual help. There is no need to be confused about your studies; subject specialists will be happy to give extra help when they can, if you ask.

Not only that; our designated student welfare officer, Miss Pooja Gangaramani, is usually available to discuss individual concerns. She works alongside our form tutors to solve any worries which you may have.

...A Very Special Learning Environment For Your Child

By joining us, you will be entering a very special learning environment, small enough to ensure that student care complements excellent teaching and facilitating individual happiness, confidence and success.

All this and more is what makes London Brookes College one of the best sixth form colleges in London.

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Vice Principal's Welcome to all Parents and students

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the London Brookes College. It is a great privilege to be the Vice Principal of such a thriving Sixth Form College community where high aspirations and a caring family ethos are at the heart of what we do.

We at London Brookes College firmly believe that it’s not where you begin but where you end up that matters. Just take a look at our website and read our students’ university destinations for 2018 and you will see, not only the diversity of our student body, but also the different paths which they are following to individual success.

Since the day we opened here in Hendon, we have been fully committed to helping our students fulfil their potential, both personal and academic. Our examination pass rates, we are delighted to report, “are higher than the national average” and our teachers “demonstrate strong subject knowledge.” They are “skilled in imparting information and ensuring students’ understanding of topics.” If you’re wondering why we’ve used speech marks around these statements, it’s because we’re quoting from our 2017 Independent Schools Inspectorate report.

Small classes, a bespoke timetable made especially for you and individual help when ever you need it-all you have to do is work hard and take every opportunity we offer you with open arms-just like the ones we’re holding out now.

Welcome to London Brookes College.

Sandra Poulton – Vice Principal (Sixth Form College)

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