Private Exam Online Registration

Exams Online Registration

Private Candidate Exams Online Registration

All Private Exams Candidates will need to register on the Exam Portal in order for us to confirm your fees and exam entries. The process should take a few steps to complete but if you have any questions at any stage, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Exams Online Registration

How to register on line on our exam portal

How to access results on our on-line on our exam portal

Access arrangement request procedure

If you would like to apply for access arrangements for yourexams please ensure you follow the following steps:

  1. Tick the box for access arrangements while creating an online account on the London Brookes College examination portal.
  2. Select on the exam portal as well as email us with the required access arrangements together with the below evidence:
  • Full signed Educational psychologist report and/or signed medical documentation (must not be older than 2 years).
  • Completed signed JCQ Form 8 by a qualified educational psychologist.
  • Certificate of the educational psychologist used.
  • Completed signed Data protection form.

After receiving all the necessary documents from you, our internal SENCO will go through all of the above and let you know whether London Brookes College will be able to apply for access arrangements on your behalf to the board. If yes, SENCO will complete their forms as a part of your application before we can apply to the exam boards for the approval.

Once you receive an email from London Brookes College that we are in a position to apply for access arrangements to the board on your behalf you will have to pay the access arrangement fees in full.

After the access arrangement fees have been paid in full we will make the application to the board and then email you with the confirmation of their response.