Private Exam Candidates Results Day Procedure

  1. Results will be made available online on the day of results

Results’ Instructions exams

  1. Certificates arrive after 2-3 months from results day and can be collected or posted as required

The exam boards send certificates about 2 – 3 months after results day to London Brookes College. Certificates show the final, confirmed results. Your certificate is an important document so keep it in a safe place. You will need it for future employers and/or further education, and we charge for any replacement documents.

We send email notification to all the candidates as soon as we receive their certificates.

  1. Access to Post-Result Services are dependent on exam board deadlines and fees

Exam boards carry out extensive quality checks before they issue results. However, they do offer a range of post results services.

  • Review of marking
  • Review of marking with scripts
  • Access to scripts
  • Email for form and more details

Please note there is an administrative fee for each enquiry please email us on