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Jamal – Future Poet Laureates?

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London Brookes College is proud to congratulate Esther Davis and Jamal Nokoe on their recent success in the Young Writers Poetry Trials competition. Esther and Jamal, two talented young writers, submitted their poems for the nationwide Young Writers Competition.

Jamal’s Road To Perdition demonstrates a deeply felt concern for the economic, political and social diseases of the modern world. From the woes of  globalisation such as “economic uncertainty, ongoing global recession” to the emotional ravages of the overwhelming stress and pressures of modern life, leaving people “suffering under a cloud of continued depression”, Road To Perdition exhibits a political consciousness and a desire for change.

It is clear that this young poet has a gift for sound. Written in tight rhyming couplets such as “Individuals, free spirits, classed as enigmatic / Free speech, with democracy, generally sporadic”, and full of assonance and clever alliteration, one wonders if Jamal may also have a background in hip-hop or rap lyrics. Road To Perdition is crying out to be read aloud! Jamal’s poetic voice is ultimately one of compassion and hope as the poem ends on a tone of uncertainty that is perhaps surmountable if we all join the voice of the poem in its final sentiment and ‘Pray’.

The Young Writers competition committee selected The Man In The House and Road To Perdition for publication in their forthcoming edition of The Poetry Trials – South East Poets. A copy of this book, containing the poems, will be sent to the British Library and further libraries across the UK and the Republic of Ireland. So, the next time you are visiting the British Library, be sure to seek out this charming little tome and read Esther and Jamal?s work in the hallowed reading rooms on Euston Road!

Our budding poet laureates are also through to the latter stages of the national competition and may well be in with a chance to win a £1000 prize. Should you like to purchase a copy of The Poetry Trials – South East Poets, head over to and order a copy. If you are lucky, Esther and Jamal might even sign a copy for you if you ask them nicely. It may be worth a fortune in years to come!

“Poetry:the best wordsin the best order” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

London Brookes College

London Brookes College

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