Vice Principal’s Welcome

Welcome to your new life at London Brookes College. Together, you and London Brookes College are embarking on a journey that will lead to your future-that bright, happy and prosperous future that is our goal as well as your own.

Whoever you are and wherever you’ve been before, we at London Brookes College firmly believe that it’s not where you begin but where you end up that matters. Just take a look at our website and read our students’ university destinations for 2018 and you will see, not only the diversity of our student body, but also the different paths which they are following to individual success.

Since the day we opened here in Hendon, we have been fully committed to helping our students fulfil their potential, both personal and academic. Our examination pass rates, we are delighted to report, “are higher than the national average” and our teachers “demonstrate strong subject knowledge.” They are “skilled in imparting information and ensuring students’ understanding of topics.” If you’re wondering why we’ve used speech marks around these statements, it’s because we’re quoting from our 2017 Independent Schools Inspectorate report.

Small classes, a bespoke timetable made especially for you and individual help when ever you need it-all you have to do is work hard and take every opportunity we offer you with open arms-just like the ones we’re holding out now.

Welcome to London Brookes College.

Sandra Poulton   B.A. (Hons) M.A.  P.G.C.E