Oil and energy Programme

The London Brookes College Oil and Energy programme is designed to give students the best possible chance of entering a Russel group University. The college offers dedicated guidance and preparation to ensure the best chance of success. Entry into the Russel Group Universities is not based on solid academic achievement alone. Students need to be well prepared and well informed about issues in the chosen degree subject, be comfortable in the interview, gain suitable work experience and have a genuine and strong ambition to succeed.

Applicants receive:

  • Advice on sixth form subject choices and courses.
  • Support for work experience placements.
  • Weekly forums including:
  • Introductions to volunteering positions in the wider community.
  • Interview practice
  • Expert knowledge of university entry requirements.
  • Exclusive access to our expert and dedicated Careers Advisers.
  • Talks by University students and successful professionals in the field.

The oil industry is particularly good if you have the desire to travel.

Oil and other energy companies don’t tend to have a very cosy image with the general public because of their environmental impact, and the industry lacks the glamour associated with sectors such as the law or investment banking. However, the opportunities are plentiful for graduates with certain degrees to work in the oil and energy sector, as it’s a sector that suffers from skills shortages. Scientists, engineers and geologists are particularly in demand, and there are possibilities for overseas travel as well as excellent salaries for suitably qualified graduates. There are also plenty of less specialised roles available in this industry, from human resources to marketing. Some of the most well-known graduate employers in this sector include ShellBP and British Gas.