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Overview of our Sixth Form College in North West London

London Brookes College is a private sixth form college located in Hendon, North West London. The college offers a wide range of IGCSE and A level courses for students seeking university entrance.

On this page, we provide a vast variety of information to you with regards to our private sixth form college in London.

  1. Admissions
  2. Overview of Students
  3. Sixth Form Subjects
  4. Quality of Curriculum, teaching and learners’ achievements
  5. Students’ welfare including health and safety
  6. Pastoral care, Careers advice and University admissions
  7. Student Performance and Results
  8. Effectiveness of Governance, leadership and management
  9. International Students information

Admissions at our Private Sixth Form College

Enrolment primarily takes place in  September but we do offer admission throughout the year for those students that have unique circumstances. All students are interviewed and assessed prior to acceptance. Admission to the college is based on students’ attitudes, ambitions and motivation.

Overview of Students that attend at our Sixth Form College

The large majority of students at our private sixth form college are from the UK and the remainder come from a wide range of countries world-wide. Most students are under the age of 18 years and others that are under the age of 16 years. We also accept mature students looking to gain specific subject qualifications to further their careers, hence prospective students should not worry about there being a sixth form age limit.

All our courses are appropriate to the ages, aptitudes and language capabilities of students and enable all students to learn and make progress.

All our students speak English as their first language however our sixth form college holds a UKBA Tier 4 visa status for international students wishing to join us as well.

Sixth Form Subjects

All IGCSE courses and A Level courses at our private sixth form college are externally assessed by recognised examination boards. This along with many other reasons means that we have one of the best sixth form colleges in london

London Brookes College offers flexibility regarding IGCSE course and A level course options: we want to cater to all of our prospective students so that they are happy with their final subject choices.

Our IGCSE courses and A level courses on offer to Tier 4 visa students meet all the definitions of an approved qualification, as set out in the Home Office guidance.

Quality of Curriculum, Teaching and Learners’ achievements at our Sixth Form College

Our sixth form college in London maintains a good-to-excellent quality of the curriculum, teaching and learners’ achievements. The educational purpose of our private sixth form college is clearly stated and effectively supported by well focused schemes of work and lesson plans that are used well to ensure that these leads to a good learning experience for students.

Our IGCSE Course and A level Course provisions are good and appropriate to all students. Consequently, all our students learn well and make good progress throughout their academic years at London Brookes College. Our IGCSE courses and A level courses on offer to Tier 4 visa students meet all the definitions of an approved qualification, as set out in the Home Office guidance.

Our initial assessment is rigorous and highly effective in placing students in appropriate classes so they make good progress from the beginning of their and also in generating effective individual learning programmes (ILP) by which individual students can be successfully tracked. Students are given useful support when needed. All parents are kept very well informed through regular and detailed academic reports throughout the academic year.

The quality of teaching at our private college is good-to-excellent and enables all students to progress well. All our classes are well planned and teachers are very well qualified and experienced in their subject areas.

We do assessments of students work regularly and on a timely basis and use our technology system to track student progress across all subject areas that helps us successfully identify areas for improvement. External examination results are compared and trends tracked. Students’ progress on their individual learning programmes (ILP) is tracked weekly and patterns identified across subjects. Both students and parents appreciate how well they are informed of progress made and helps showcase how our attainment compares favourably with external benchmarks. We electronically track examination results, test grades and homework grades to help ensure that students’ achievement goes beyond the minimum target grades.

London Brookes College offers students and staff the use various learning management systems (projectors, computer laps etc) to support their learning. Students appreciate the usefulness in gathering appropriate resources.

Students’ Welfare, health and safety at our Private Sixth Form College

We take students’ welfare, including health and safety very seriously and maintain a good standard across our entire campus. We perform all the appropriate risk analyses for all activities both in and outside of the sixth form college. All fire regulations are met and accurate records are kept of all tests and maintenance. We ensure all our Sixth form College buildings are fit for purpose. Our private college is adequately decorated and maintained with cleanliness and hygiene always a priority. We maintain an excellent level of student registration and attendance records. Additionally, there are appropriate procedures in place if there are concerns regarding Tier 4 visa students.

All teaching staff undergo training in disclosure relating to child protection incidents. All teaching staff have completed the Prevent programme module.

Pastoral care, Careers advice and University admissions at our Sixth Form College

Pastoral care is excellent. London Brookes College runs a highly effective programme to coordinate personal and academic issues. Information regarding students progress is coordinated accurately and used to support the students effectively. All our students feel safe and happy at the college and appreciate the level of individual care and support they receive.

Effective careers advice is available and students receive good support with completing their university admissions procedures. Guest speakers are invited to speak to students to inform and motivate them to explore a variety of career goals.

Safeguarding arrangements are in place at our sixth form college with teaching staff having undergone all relevant training in safeguarding and Prevent. Our private college meets all national guidance requirements. Our policy is in place and known to staff and students. All staff, including the designated safeguarding lead (DSL), are appropriately trained and the training is up to date. The DLS is aware of the changes to the most recent national guidance, Keeping Children Safe in Education of August 2018, and the government’s proposed changes to local safeguarding provision.

Student Performance and Results at our Sixth Form College in London

Overall student performance compares favourably to national benchmarks and National Qualification Framework (NQF)

Effectiveness of Governance, Leadership and Management at our Private College

Our Independent Sixth Form College is rated good with respect to providing effectiveness of governance, leadership and management by the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI). This means that we take good care in making sure the educational direction of the college is clear and shared accurately with all staff and students. Our management team ensures effective strategic planning occurs and that priorities are identified and met.

Quality assurance practices are in place and use both student feedback and staff appraisals to accurately identify areas for improvement and to deal effectively with these. Staff recruitment is rigorous and all pre-employment checks are carried out to confirm identity and right to work in the UK prior to confirmation of appointment of staff. All appropriate staff have a current Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check to confirm their suitability to work with students under 18 years.

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More on Student Life, Enrichment, Educational Trips, Debating and Sports at London Brookes College

This section is designed to provide you with more information about what it’s like to study at London Brookes College

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Academic Features

UCAS help & Careers Advice

We are proud of the achievements of our students who we have helped achieve their goals through our dedicated teaching and excellent UCAS help

Small Class Sizes

We maintain small class sizes to ensure that each student receives the upmost individual attention from our teachers. Our teaching staff is often available, outside of class, to help should students who require one to one support.

Supervised Study

All students are encouraged to be self-disciplined and to study independently. At A-Level we aim to offer a bridge between the world of school and the much more self-disciplined environment of university. Homework therefore, is set and marked on a regular basis. All students are issued with homework diaries, enabling staff and parents to monitor levels of work set and completed.

Exam Skills & Techniques

Mock examinations, tests and timed essays are given regularly. This gives students the opportunity for revision and practice in working under examination conditions.


On enrolment each student is given a Code of Conduct which sets out procedures regarding discipline. As our students are encouraged to behave as adults rather than school children, we do not have a great number of rules and regulations, but those that we do have are important for the smooth running of the college. We do not tolerate any form of inappropriate behavior at the college. Any student found to be in breach of the ‘code of conduct’ will face disciplinary action which could result in expulsion.

Parent-Tutor Relationship

We maintain a close working relationship with parents by contacting them whenever necessary. Parents are encouraged to meet the Principal and Vice –Principal by appointment to discuss matters of concern. Parent consultation evenings are held twice a year after which parents will receive a full report on a students’ progress in all subjects.

Official ISI Inspection Report


London Brookes College, is a very special, and unique college, that is a place, filled with kindness, warmth and opportunity. This environment, is built from the combination, of the gentle staff, and talented teachers, that allow students to progress with their dreams and see them blossom into reality. The principal, and the vice-principal, are fantastic people, that emit passion, for their profession, and really take at heart their students achievements, and take out our best abilities, making the students feel proud to be a part of London Brookes College. They are really helping me, to reach my goal, to success today, for my future tomorrow. I am really proud, of being a part of London Brookes College. I have finally found, my special school
Excellent teachers, beautiful building and a learning atmosphere that made me demand the best out of me. The teachers were completely dedicated to helping me get my grades. The college believed in me and it was this belief that allowed me to focus and study hard and achieve what Ii set out to achieve. Thank you LBC, I will use the discipline that I have learned from you in everything I put my mind to in life
Dear London Brookes College, I loved every moment, everyone at the college is kind and welcoming. The teachers are inspiring, and are passionate about their subjects which makes learning easier and enjoyable. London Brookes College is different to all other Sixth Form colleges. The students are all friendly and so are the teachers. London Brookes College may be small but it has a lot to offer such as a great education and friends
London Brookes College really made my success their goal, not only through their excellent standard of teaching but also through the powerful learning environment that the staff have created. The college truly inspired me to challenge myself and achieve my full potential. I will always look back at LBC with the fondest of memories
Thank you ever so much for all your support!
  • Extended Computer Laboratory
  • Science Laboratory for practical work
  • Study area with wide range of books
  • Designated examination hall
  • Students’ common room with tea, coffee and microwave facilities
  • We are within minutes of the extensive library facilities at Hendon Public Library
  • We provide membership of the Brampton Tennis Club behind the college at reduced rates
  • Membership of Middlesex University’s gym facilities at student rates
  • Conveniently situated for public transport, road network and all local amenities
  • Football
  • Music Tuition
  • Art Classes
  • Theater Trips
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Swimming
  • Middlesex University Gym facilities
  • Copthall Leisure centre
  • Virgin Active health Club – Hendon
If you are an international student who wants to study for widely recognised qualifications, being taught by subject specialists in small groups where you receive individual attention, look no further. London Brookes is the college for you. The college is a centre of academic excellence with students taking three or four AS/A2 levels from a range of subjects.
London Brookes College is an independent sixth form college that has a reputation for providing education and related services of the highest quality. Students from a variety of backgrounds come here with the aim of achieving their grades necessary to meet university entrance requirements for their desired courses.
Accredited by UKBA, London Brookes College is delighted to welcome international students to its historic building, conveniently situated in Hendon, North-West London, near to road, rail and bus links.
Please don’t be! We will help you with all aspects of life in London and our friendly students will welcome you to our happy, hard working community. Once here, we will teach you, organise your examinations and work with you to complete your university applications. We have been fully inspected by the Accreditation Service for International Colleges who base their judgements on a range of criteria. We have also been approved as a sponsoring body by the UKBA. So, if you come to us, you’ll know you’re in safe hands.
If you wish to apply for our A Level programme, please complete our international student application form (International-Student-form)and return it to us along with any supporting documentation (for example: recent school reports, certificates of achievement, IELTS Certificate). Once your application has been received, it will be acknowledged and an interview date will be arranged. For applications made outside of the UK, a telephone or skype interview will be conducted. If your interview and application (based on academic and visa requirements) is successful and we are satisfied that you meet our entry requirements a conditional offer letter will be issued. Once you accept our offer and meet the conditions of the offer letter a CAS will be issued which you can use to make your visa application to study in the UK
Students applying for an A Level programme must meet our entry requirements of 5 grade C’s or above at GCSE level or equivalent, including Maths and English Language. You must also be able to demonstrate your English proficiency by holding an IELTS score of 5.0 – 5.5 or above. Please refer to the UK Border Agency website for a list of approved English Language Tests.
We can arrange for you to be collected from the Airport to ensure your safe arrival. Please contact us for further information and costs. A minimum of 2 weeks’ notice is required.
We can arrange for your accommodation. Please contact us for further information and costs. A minimum of 2 month notice is required.
All international students should read the following instructions as a guideline on how to apply for student visa in order to be able to come study at London Brookes College.

International Students Visa Guidelines – LBC (*only a guideline)
– UKBA Adult Students Tier 4 (General) student visa information on (**must read)

*Note: The London Brookes College document should only be used as a guideline. **Note: All international students should look at the UKBA website for the latest detailed information on applying for student visas (

The UKBA (or United Kingdom Border Agency) prevents people from overseas entering the UK illegally. We at LBC are a tier 4 sponsor, which means that we can sponsor students from other countries. Studying here as a full time student means that you are entitled to live in the UK during your studies, so long as you follow the conditions set out by them. You can find out more by visiting the UKBA website (

Course OptionsLevelFee amount (£)Course Start date
Option 12 year A level course (4AS & 3A2)£15,600 (per year)September
Option 21 year intensive A level course – Covers both AS & A2 Study (3AS & 3A2)£17,900September
Option 31 year GCSE course (6+ GCSE subjects)£15,600September
Option 4English course – 3 Months ( 3 hours/day, 5 days/week£4,240Contact us for more information
Option 5English course – 6 Months ( 3 hours/day, 5 days/week£5,440Contact us for more information
Option 6English course – 12 Months ( 3 hours/day, 5 days/week£6,200Contact us for more information
• Payment of Tuition Fees: These are payable, in advance before commencement of the course.
• Deposit Fee: A standard amount of £2,500 is required as a non-refundable deposit.
• Accommodation: If you require accommodation an additional arrangement and administration fee of £100 is required in advance.
• Reservation and Payment: First you should complete the international student application form and return it to London Brookes College. Once your offer of a place has been confirmed, an invoice for tuition fees will be raised. The first years fee must be received at least 2 months before your course begins in order to guarantee your place. Once this has been received, a CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies) will be issued, and a letter will be provided in support of your visa application. Please note that we cannot issue a CAS until the first year tuition fee has been received. You can send payment directly to the College or to our bank account. Cheques must be made payable to London Brookes College and must be drawn in sterling on a bank in England. Eurocheques are not accepted. UK bank charges, and currency conversion costs, if incurred, will be added to your invoices.
• Late Payment Fine: If you fail to pay your tuition fees within the given deadline as stated on your official fees invoice, you will incur a late payment fee of £50 per overdue payment.
• Cancellation Before Arrival: You must inform the College in writing and return your letter of acceptance. Cancellation fees are as follows: Cancellation received more than a month before the course begins – £1,500
• Cancellation received less than a month before the course begins – tuition fees paid to Date
• Cancellation After Arrival: If you wish to alter your course you must notify the College in writing. A minimum of one term’s notice is required. Deposits and fees are not transferable from person to person. Students are advised to insure themselves against loss of fees through non-arrival, absence for any reason, or unexpected termination of the course. •Please note that we will notify the UK Border Agency of any changes to your proposed programme of study.
2014 Exam Results

99% of our A level students have got a place in University
Congratulations to all our GCSE and A level students on their good results. London Brookes College is proud of all our students for achieving their grades and of our A level students who have secured places in their chosen universities. Congratulations to all!!!

Academic Year 2014:

GCSE: 94% achieving grade A*- C
A-Level: 94% achieving grade A* – C

Academic Year 2013:

GCSE: 65% achieving grade A*- C
A-Level: 73% achieving grade A* – C

Academic Year 2012:

GCSE: 67% achieving grade A*- C
A-Level: 84% achieving grade A* – D

All of our A-Level students last year achieved grades high enough to sucessfully secure places at universities of their choice. They are now studying at some of the top UK universities including Cambridge University and Imperial College. They have chosen a wide range of degree courses of their choice such as Law, Economics, Engineering, Biomedicine, Pharmacy and Psychology to name but a few.

Summary of Achievments by some of our top students:

  • Henry Phillips who scored an A* in Further Mathematics and will go onto study Chemical Engineering at UCL.
  • Mojgan Debash who has scored Mathematics (A) Further Mathematics (A) and Persian (B) and will go onto study Mathematics at Queen Mary College London
  • Sherlock Yang who has scored an A in Further Mathematics and secured an unconditional offer to study Mathematics at Kings College London
  • Zoe Georgallis who has secured an unconditional offer to study Medicine at the University of Manchester.
  • Bhumika Hirani who has scored Mathematics (A) Further Mathematics AS (A) and Chemistry (B) and will go onto study Biomedicine at the University of Leicester on an unconditional offer
  • Eziafa Ejikeme who has scored Mathematics (A), Further Mathematics (A*) and Chemistry (A) and will go onto Loughborough University to study Chemical Engineering
  • Alex Du achieved A in Further Maths and secured a place at London School of Economics (LSE)
  • Miherdesh Pande achieved A* in Further Maths and secured a place at University of Cambridge
  • Sumaiya Rahman achieved 3 A*s as part of the Intensive A level programme
  • Henry Philips achieved an A* in Further Maths and secured a place at Imperial College London
  • Rihan Dewan achieved an A in Further Maths AS and secured a place at University of Warwick
  • Sarim Jafri achieved an A in Further Maths AS and securing a place at University of Cambridge
4 AS Levels and 3 A2 Levels£9,700 per year

The fees for the two year A level course remain the same regardless of how many subjects are in the academic programme

1 AS Level£3,600
2 AS Level£6,200
3 AS Level£8,200
4 AS Level£9,700
1 A2 Level£4,400
2 A2 Level£6,500
3 A2 Level£10,300
1 Subject1 Subject£6,000
2 Subject2 Subject£9,700
3 Subject3 Subject£13,200
Per GCSE Subject£2,800
Five GCSE Subjects£9,100
Six or more GCSE Subjects£9,600
Examination Fees are not included
Registration Fee of £200 non-refundable
Deposit of £500 refundable on the last fee payment
Late fees will incur a penalty charge of 10%
Science practical exam costs £300 per subject
Students buy their own books and stationery as recommended by their teachers
A discount of 5% is applied for fees paid in advance for the academic year
A discount of 5% is applied for the fees of the second student of the same family
Students gaining 3 or more A* at GCSE will receive an award of £300
Students gaining 3 or more A grades at AS/A2 level will receive an award of £300
For international students the first term payment is due at the start of the course
For students requiring a visa letter of intention to study, a non-refundable payment of £1000 is required
You can make your payment by:
Cheque – Payable to ‘London Brookes College’ – Please write your name on the back
Bank Transfer:
Bank Name: Natwest
Account Name: London Brookes College
Account Number: 24111406
Sort Code: 503005
IBAN GB13 NWBK 50300524111406
When transferring payments online, please give us some information in the Reference field, (for example: Exam Fee A Smith)
We ask prospective students to fill in and return an enrolment form (Enrolment-Form-full-time). An initial interview is then arranged with the principal or the vice principal which not only allows us to assess them on an individual basis but also gives students an opportunity to get a feel of the college themselves.

If the candidate is deemed to have met the college criteria for admission, London Brookes College will make an offer to join the college. We ask to see:

– GCSE and/or AS/A-Level examination results
– Passport
– And require two recent passport size photos

Please feel free to contact us if you would like to obtain any information about the college or would like to arrange an interview.

– Admission tests (Mathematics, English and Science)
– Candidate Interview with the Vice-Principal and Headmaster
– Parent Interview with Vice-Principal and Headmaster

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