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Our daughter sat her A-Level Chemistry and Maths exams at London Brookes College this year as well as completing her A-Level Chemistry practicals and submitting her UCAS application here. Our experience of dealing with the teachers and staff has been overwhelmingly positive. The staff here are very friendly and supportive and addressed our every need. The chemistry teacher who led the practicals was very thorough and made the experience enjoyable for our daughter. The college was very efficient in terms of communication whilst dealing with our enquiries and paperwork. We are highly satisfied with the outcome of our daughter's A-Level experience. Due to this excellent treatment, we would highly recommend London Brookes College. We would also like to say a special thank you to the examinations officer Sahil, the vice principal Mrs. Sandra Poulton the principal Mr. Ahmed.
Satwinder Kaur
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I booked London Brookes College for my son to sit his history A level. They were helpful, friendly and informative throughout the process and made an anxious experience as straightforward as possible. Highly recommend.
Jay Hall
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found good place to do the exam. have got good respond from the staff. very kind and helpful. i would recommend London Brookes College to do the exam as a private candidate.
London Brookes College
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London Brookes College was great, they functioned very well as an exam centre
Harri Ross-Skinner
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I enrolled at London Brookes College in October 2017 to sit the required exams in Chemistry, Biology and Physics for entry into medical school. As a mature student not living in the UK, I initially struggled to find a suitable exam centre where I could take the required examinations; I am delighted to say that all of my struggles came to an end when I found London Brookes College and I am eternally grateful for the help that I received from several staff members at LBC for streamlining my test taking and learning experiences. I am particularly thankful to Mr. Ahmed (the Principal of the College) for his support and encouragement during a stressful exam period, which I will never forget, Dr. Dixon who spent his valuable time coaching and guiding me with some of the advanced A level Chemistry concepts, Dr. Claire for her guidance and support in Biology, Mr. Roshan for teaching me A level Physics and last but not least, Sahil for being an amazing point of contact for all those times when I needed to call upon her managerial abilities. This is truly a fantastic place to not only learn, but to be inspired to achieve great success in whatever you intend to do. The teachers are highly qualified with PhD degrees (Dr. Dixon for Chemistry and Dr. Claire for Biology) and the atmosphere is relaxed yet inspiring. I definitely recommend London Brookes College to all of those people out there who are serious about achieving their goals but need the right environment to make it possible.
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