Business English Certificate (BEC) courses in London

The key focus of this course is the study of English for Business purposes and is appropriate for motivated business students who wish to excel in their business language skills. There is also a component of General English, consolidating students’ knowledge and practice of grammar, structure and vocabulary. This course is especially suitable for those students who are considering preparing for the Cambridge Business English Certificate (the “BEC”).

English programmes can be taken with supplementary One-to-One tuition, should students wish to focus on any particular area of interest.

Business English Certificate (BEC)

Students studying the Business English Course can sit for the BEC exam. The Cambridge BEC examination is a useful qualification for students who need to use English as a foreign language for international business and who are already in business-orientated work or preparing to follow such a career. However, London Brookes College BEC courses are aimed at students wanting to prepare for the Cambridge BEC examination as well those students who wish to excel in their business language skills.

Class Structure

BEC classes at London Brookes College are designed and taught to improve your business English while guiding you through exam techniques. The course is ideal for those who would like to improve their English for business/academic purposes and those who would like to prepare for the exam. Every week you will practice all four skill areas; reading, writing, listening and speaking in a business context. Mock exams will also be held. Your teacher will give you individual feedback in areas you need to improve.

What are the benefits of doing this course?

By the end of the course you will be able to:
Achieve the best possible mark in your exam
Approach the four different components of the Cambridge BEC exam (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking) with greater confidence
Handle the language more effectively and with greater confidence
Understand both written and oral communication from a business context.
Communicate effectively in a business environment.

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