A level Retakes

There are a lot of benefits of retaking A levels at London Brookes College.

  • Small classes enable teachers to offer individual attention, set targeted home work on topic areas that need to be strengthened further.
  • Lots of teaching time means that you may complete the syllabus in a relaxed and confident manner, with plenty of time for engagement and structured, supervised work in class.
  • Specialist courses London Brookes College has 20 years of experience in delivering highly successful A Level retake and one-year courses.
  • A fresh, more grown-up approach to education
  • Exam practice Our focus on examination preparation is simple, effective and transformational. Through Mock exams and tests students learn key exam skills such as time management and how to work under pressure.
  • Individual attention, communication and feedback.

A level retakes available for students wishing to retake their a levels. A level retakes are best suited to students that have already taken all, or part, of the examination but been disappointed in their grades. If this is the case then A level retakes option may be the best option for you.

Many students find it helpful to cover both courses simultaneously by enrolling on our One Year Intensive A levels course as it enables them to apply A/S skills which are fresh in their minds, rather than trying to remember material that they learnt a year before. It is possible to study for an intensive A level in a subject that is completely new to you; this is, however, very hard to do unless you are exceptionally committed.

Normally we recommend that students who want to achieve the highest grades enrol onto our two year course of study. However students that we consider to be hard working and dedicated, places are offered onto the A level retakes course where our teaching and learning expertise equip to achieve their full potential

A level Retakes – Subjects Available

Students wishing to enroll on our One Year Intensive A level Courses can choose from the following A level subjects

  • Mathematics
  • Further Mathematics
  • English Literature
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Economics
  • Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Business Studies
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Accounting
  • Government & Politics
  • History

*Other subjects can be organised on an individual basis. Please speak to the Admissions Officer.